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18 Free Donald Trump Cartoons
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This is not fake news! We are giving away 18 Donald Trump-themed cartoons for print and web use. The President of the United States is the first of many to follow. We are not entirely sure who we’re taking on next so if you have a preference, please let us know!

This download includes large JPG and PNG files for each cartoon as well as vector EPS and PDF files which are infinitely scalable and editable (if you are slightly familiar with Adobe Illustrator or similar software).

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Donald Trump Set Preview – What’s Inside

Please note the images below are low-resolution previews. Click the “Download All” button at the beginning of this post or the “Download” button under each cartoon to get the high-resolution raster and vector graphics.

Trump And Putin Playing Chess
President Donald Trump And Putin Playing Chess
Angry Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un on nuclear missiles
US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un riding nuclear missiles in collision course.
Trump Building Mexico Wall Cartoon
D. Trump building the wall between Mexico and the USA
Donald Trump Sitting At His Desk
Donald Trump sitting at his desk in the White House
Donald Trump Leaning On Nuclear Missile
Leaning on a big nuclear missile and looking cocky
Angry Donald Trump
Fuming from anger and letting one out (extra version)
Donald Trump Choosing Between A Tween And A Nuke
Not knowing which button to press – tweet or nuke
Trump lighting a cigar with the statue of liberty's torch
Giant Trump lighting a cigar with the Statue of Liberty’s torch and she doesn’t look very happy about it! Also includes an image without the statue.
Donald Trump as Uncle Sam in the iconic "I want you" pose
As Uncle Sam in the iconic “I want you” pose
Donald Trump Giving The Thumbs Up
Giving the thumbs up with both hands
Donald Trump firing someone and looking cocky
Firing someone – something he’s very good at admittedly
Donald Trump waving the American flag
Holding a waving American flag
Donald Trump playing soccer with the world
Soccer juggling with a globe of the Earth
Donald Trump giving an angry speech
Giving an angry speech and yelling
Donald Trump holding a Twitter bird
Donald Trump holding a Twitter bird
Smiling Donald Trump sitting at his desk with Twitter and nuclear weapons button.
Sitting at his desk with nuke and tweet buttons, smiling
Trump and Kim Jong-Un meeting in good faith - smiling and looking happy.
Kim Jong-Un and Trump are meeting in good faith.
Donald Trump meets Kim Jong-Un but both do not trust each other and they're holding baseball bats behind their backs.
Meeting with Kim Jong-Un but they clearly do not trust each other!
Kim Jong-Un gifting a nuclear missile to Donald Trump after a friendly meeting
Kim Jong-Un gifting a nuclear missile to Donald Trump

We hope you enjoyed this set. Please let us know which politician you would like us to create cartoons for next!

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