Shopping Collection – Darryl Vector Cartoon Clipart


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A collection of nine high-quality vector illustrations of black men in various shopping poses. The bundle includes the following cartoon clipart:

A Black Man Surveying His Overfull Cart With Guilt
This brown haired black male could probably have used two carts for his shopping trip. He is standing by a shopping cart with a variety of packages piled high above his head. He wears an expression of anxiety as he surveys his overfull cart.

A Black Male Consumer Making A Buying Decision
This black male consumer appears to be having trouble deciding what he should spend his hard earned money on. Thoughts of a new television, a new smart phone and clothing intersected with question marks dancing above his head while he tries to decide. The brown haired man is deep in thought, holding his credit card in his left hand, just trying to make the decision on which item to purchase.

A Black Man Shopping At The Grocery Store
This brown haired black male is pretty happy with the items he is getting at the grocery store. He has a shopping cart full of fruits, vegetables, and boxes that he is pushing along. He has a huge smile on his face and he is wearing a short sleeved blue shirt, brown pants and green shoes.

A Black Man Struggling As He Carries Three Bags Of Groceries
Getting the groceries home after a big shopping trip isn’t always easy! This brown haired black male has three large bags of groceries, brimming with produce and other items and from the grimace on his face, we can tell he is struggling to hang on to everything. He has two of the bags in his arms, held close to his chest, while one bag with handles is slung over his right shoulder. He is casually dressed, wearing a blue t-shirt with brown pants and green shoes.

A Black Man Trying To Choose Between Two T-Shirts
Should the brown haired man buy the light blue shirt or the gray shirt? We can tell he is shopping by the price tags hanging from the shirts he is holding, one in his right hand, one in his left hand. The space around him is punctuated with two questions marks, letting us know of his dilemma.

A Black Man Pleasantly Surprised By A Generous Deal
Whoa, the man in this image has just come across a deal he can’t resist! A rack marked “Discount 70%” is in front of the brown haired man and he has a look on his face like he has just gotten a pleasant, unexpected surprise. There is one short sleeved, gray t-shirt hanging on the rack so he will have to act quickly if he wants it! He is wearing a light blue, short sleeve shirt with brown pants and green shoes.

A Black Man Using His Credit Card At The Register
The brown haired man has just finished a successful shopping expedition. He is at the cash register, paying for his purchases with a credit card he holds in his left hand, in his right hand he has his wallet. The smiling female clerk is assisting him by holding the credit card machine as he slides his card. They are standing at a counter upon which two large shopping bags sit, presumably the man’s purchases. There is also a register with a large screen on the counter. The man is wearing a blue, short sleeve shirt with brown pants and he has a large smile on his face.

A Black Man At The Register Paying A Female Clerk With Cash
This black male at the counter is paying for his purchases with cash that he is holding in his outstretched right hand. A laughing female clerk is behind the counter, holding her left hand out for the man’s money. There is a cash register with a large screen on the counter along with two large shopping bags, presumably the man’s purchases. The man has brown hair and a slight smile on his face, he is wearing a short sleeve, blue shirt with brown pants. The woman behind the counter has short, light brown hair and is wearing a tan shirt with a brown skirt.

A Black Man Shopping Online With His Laptop
Shopping online is so much fun! You can even do it lying down on the floor, bare feet in the air as this brown haired man is doing. The black man is on the floor and lays on his stomach, feet bent at the knees, lower legs straight up in the air. In his left hand he is waving a credit card while his right is busy tapping away at the keyboard of a black laptop in front of him. He is clearly enjoying himself judging by the large smile on his face!

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