Under Arrest Collection – Darryl Vector Cartoon Clipart


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A collection of nine high-quality vector illustrations of black men in legal trouble, getting arrested. The bundle includes the following cartoon clipart:

A Handcuffed And Mournful Black Prisoner
A black man in an orange, prison jumpsuit. His hands are handcuffed in front of him and his posture is that of a man who is humiliated and who has lost hope. His shoulders are slumped forward and he has a very mournful look on his face. His hair is dark brown and he is wearing white slip-on shoes issued by most jails and prisons.

Police Officer Arresting A Formally Dressed Black Man
A brunet haired officer wearing dark sunglasses has a suspect under arrest and is leading him forcefully by the arm, probably to the station or police car. The dark haired man under arrest is formally dressed, wearing a dark green suit, white shirt, and red tie. The man is handcuffed, appears angry and looks to be arguing with the officer. The expression in the officer’s face is severe as he looks straight ahead.

Policeman Pointing A Gun At His Suspect
Hands up! is surely what the brown haired officer is yelling to the dark haired businessman who has his arms raised high in the air, a look of fear on his face. The dark haired, formally dressed man is wearing a dark green suit, white shirt, and red tie while the officer is in uniform with dark sunglasses. The officer has his left leg bent in front of him with his right leg slightly back, arms straight out in front with the gun leveled at his suspect.

A Black Business Person On His Knees, Getting Arrested
A brunet haired officer has a suspect on the ground in front of him. A brown haired male in a dark green suit, white shirt, and red tie is kneeling with his back towards the officer while his hands are behind his head, so the officer can place handcuffs on his wrists. The officer is wearing dark sunglasses, his mouth is open to speak to the suspect. The brown haired suspect has a resentful and angry look on his face, his eyes are mere slits and it appears he is not happy to be under arrest.

Black Male Inmate Trying To Carry His Ball And Chain
Talk about having a ball and chain, the brown-haired male depicted in this image is literally trying to lift the heavy ball that is shackled to his left leg by a thick chain. The man is clearly in jail or prison as he is wearing the orange jumpsuit and slip-on white shoes that is the recognizable uniform of most inmates. The man is frustrated from the look on his face as he tries with all his might to heft the ball with both hands.

Police Officer Handcuffing A Shouting Black Businessman
The dark haired male in a dark green suit is not having a good day. He stands with his back towards us with an officer directly behind him, placing handcuffs on his wrists. The businessman is looking back over his left shoulder and judging from his raised eyebrows and open mouth, he is upset and is speaking angrily to the brown haired officer who is placing him under arrest.

Handcuffed Dark Haired Inmate In Prison Jumpsuit
A black man in a prison issued, orange jumpsuit and white slip-on shoes is depicted with his hands handcuffed behind his back. His back is towards us while he looks over his left shoulder, possibly trying to see whoever has just placed the cuffs on his wrists.

Arrested Dark Haired Man Posing For A Police Mugshot
A dark haired man in a mug shot. He is wearing an orange, long sleeved top, and has an angry and resentful expression on his face. He is positioned in front of a height chart with the top of his head just under 6’8″ and is holding a placard in front of his chest.

Black Male Prisoner Sitted In A Bench, Thinking
An african-american male inmate is resting on a bench and from the looks of his pose and attitude, he appears to be frustrated and lost in thought. He has dark hair and is wearing the bright orange jumpsuit of most prison inmates paired with white slip-on shoes. His legs are spread wide while his right elbow is on his knee with his fisted hand supporting his head. His left arm is cocked with the palm of his hand resting on his thigh. His eyes are downcast and he is frowning, clearly things are not going the way he thought they would.

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