Business Collection #2 – Naomi Vector Cartoon Clipart


Included File Formats: Vector PDF, EPS and 2000px PNG formats. Compatible with all popular graphics and video applications.

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A collection of nine high-quality vector illustrations of black businesswomen in various poses. The bundle includes the following cartoon clipart:

A Black Businesswoman Sitting Astride A Rocket
A black businesswoman sits astride a rocket shooting off into the air. She rides it like someone would ride a horse, with her right arm stretched back and behind her. She is wearing a dark-green skirt with a white dress shirt. The rocket itself is silver with a red nose and accents, flames shoot from the back of the rocket.

A Black Woman Very Much In Debt, Feeling Defeated
An image of debt, owing money to creditors and feeling very stressed about the situation. The dark-brown haired female depicted, wearing a plain white shirt and dark-green skirt, is feeling the pressure of her situation. She has a large weight attached to her ankle with the word debt written on it and you can tell she is feeling very defeated from her slumped shoulders and look of worry on her face.

A Black Woman With Ropes Wrapped Around Her
The black female in this image has a very surprised look on her face, you might even say horrified, as she has thick ropes wrapped around and around her midsection, binding her arms to her sides. She is professionally attired in a dark-green skirt and a white blouse and she is carrying a briefcase in her right hand. The dark haired woman is staring down with wide eyes and an open mouth at the helpless situation in which she has found herself.

A Black Businesswoman Unveiling Her Superpowers
This is no ordinary businesswoman depicted in this image. The black female in professional attire (dark-green skirt and a white blouse) pulls open her blouse with both hands to reveal the iconic red, yellow, and blue “S” sign! Her eyes are slanted to the side in a manner that suggests she is always on alert!

A Black Woman With Her Fist Engulfed In Flames
This brown haired black female is professionally attired yet she is in a fighter’s stance with her right arm outstretched straight from her shoulder and her fist is engulfed in flames, her blouse sleeve and shirt have been ripped away at the shoulder.

A Black Businesswoman Caught In A Mousetrap
Caught like a rat in a trap. A well attired, brown haired black female has been caught face down, under a huge mousetrap, the bar coming down over her lower back. This professional is well and truly caught, her briefcase and attire all suggest she was doing something rather important before she was caught like the proverbial rat.

A Black Businesswoman Wearing A Jetpack
This professional is really going places! Wearing a dark-green skirt and white blouse, this brown haired female professional has a jetpack strapped to her back, her thumbs on the controls as her eyes look skyward, ready to launch herself into the atmosphere. Flames burst from the jet pack and the toes in the well-polished shoes are pointed downward. It appears as if we have captured this black businesswoman moments after liftoff.

A Black Woman Adjusting The Time On A Huge Clock
A brown-haired black female in business attire is on a stepladder, leaning against a huge blue alarm clock, the kind with the bells on top that jangle at the appointed time. She is adjusting or setting the time on the clock.

A Black Woman Pulling A Huge Ball On Chains
The dark haired female in this image is applying Herculean strength to pull the huge ball on chains behind her. The large ball is almost as big as she is with three chains that the business suited black female has gathered over her right shoulder in an effort to heave the giant ball forward. There is an expression of grim determination on the woman’s face, her teeth are gritted, her eyes closed, in order to pull this huge obstacle along with her.

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