Business Collection – George Vector Cartoon Clipart


Included File Formats: Vector PDF, EPS and 2000px PNG formats. Compatible with all popular graphics and video applications.

License: Commercial, editorial, personal use. Use in multiple end-products including items for resale. Learn more...

Watermark: Removed upon purchase.

A collection of nine high-quality vector illustrations of caucasian businessmen in various poses. The bundle includes the following cartoon clipart:

A Smiling Businessman Giving The Thumbs Up
Royalty-free illustration of a businessman giving the thumbs up while standing confidently with a big smile.

An Ecstatic Young Businessman Crossing His Arms
Royalty-free illustration of a happy and confident businessman smiling and crossing the arms.

A Businessman Presenting Dismal Facts At A Meeting
Royalty-free illustration of an unfortunate man who has the unhappy job of presenting some dismal facts at a meeting. He stands to the right of a bar graph depicting steady downward growth, a sad look on his face. He has blond hair in an upswept style and he is gesturing with his right hand to the bar graph.

A Businessman Pulling His Hair In Despair
Royalty-free illustration of an angry businessman pulling his hair with both of his hands as if he cannot accept or believe what’s happening.

A Man With His Hands In The Air Like A True Winner
Royalty-free illustration of a businessman raising both his hands in the air as if he just scored a major victory. He appears to be extremely happy with his success. Can you blame him?

A Businessman Leaning Against An Empty Presentation Board
Royalty-free illustration of a blond haired male leaning casually against an empty presentation board. He is wearing dark pants, a blue shirt, and a red tie as he leans on his right elbow. He is waving with his left hand, a smile on his face. His legs are crossed as he stands and his whole manner is casual and easygoing!

A Businessman Carrying Paperwork And Sweating
Royalty-free illustration of a man carrying a load of paperwork. By the looks of it, it might be a late night at the office! His mouth is slightly open and he has a look of dismay on his face.

A Businessman Reviewing KPIs On A Presentation Board
Royalty-free illustration of a businessman pointing to a bar graph on a wall. Things are going very well by the looks of it. The bar graph shows an increase in sales or profits and he has a very large smile on his face. The man is gesturing to the bar graph with his right hand while his left arm hangs comfortably at his side.

A Businessman Holding A Help Sign
Royalty-free graphic of a blond haired male wearing dark pants, a blue shirt, and a red tie with a mournful expression holding a HELP! sign in his left hand. His right arm is extended from his side, palm up in a gesture of helplessness and defeat.