Overweight Businesswoman Collection – Jenna Vector Cartoon Clipart


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A collection of nine high-quality vector illustrations of caucasian women in various weight loss poses. The bundle includes the following cartoon clipart:

An Overweight Woman Greedily Eating A Submarine Sandwich
An overweight, blonde haired female eating a large submarine-style sandwich. She is busy shoveling the sandwich into her mouth with her left hand while her right hand holds a beverage in a green cup with a green straw. She is wearing a white shirt and a dark skirt. She looks almost angry as she eats the sandwich greedily, mouth open wide to take a huge bite.

An Overweight Woman Holding Her Large Belly
It looks as if this blonde haired woman has had too much to eat. She is holding her large belly with both hands, a pained look on her face. She looks sad and extremely uncomfortable in her business attire.

An Overweight Woman Gazing Down At A Button Popping Off Her Shirt
A blonde haired female wearing a dark skirt and a white shirt is shown with a button just popping off her jacket. Her large belly is clearly the culprit, her shirt straining to cover her midsection. She has a very surprised look on her face as she gazes down at the button that has just sailed across the room.

An Overweight Woman Flat On Her Back After A Jump Rope Workout
The good news is this blonde haired woman has taken the initiative to exercise, the bad news is it looks as if it has almost killed her! Perhaps she should have started out with something less strenuous than jumping rope! The blue and green jump rope lies discarded beside her as she lays panting and sweating on the gym floor. Her tongue hangs out of her mouth, a dazed look on her face. She is flat on her back with her sleeveless green shirt hiked up, exposing part of her large belly.

An Overweight Woman Hesitating To Step On A Scale
This blonde haired female certainly looks as if she fears what the scale will tell her. It is hard to know if she is checking to see if she has lost weight or is afraid to see if she has gained more weight. The formally dressed woman is clearly overweight as illustrated by her overlarge belly, straining the front of her shirt.

An Overweight Woman Measuring Her Waistline With A Yellow Tape
This overweight blonde haired woman is busy taking her waist measurement with a yellow measuring tape. From the expression on her face it is easy to guess that she is not happy with the results. She looks slightly horrified as she stares down at the tape measure in her hands. She is wearing a dark skirt and a formal shirt.

An Overweight Woman Quivering With Fear While Standing On A Scale
Standing on the scale, this overweight, formally dressed woman appears to be too scared to look down at the numbers. She has her eyes tightly closed and her face shows an expression of severe anxiety. Sweat beads down her face as she tries to screw up the courage to look down. She is quivering with fear and anxiety.

An Overweight Woman Greedily Eating Junk Food
This overweight blonde haired woman is having a gluttonous orgy of junk food. She is seated and has a red tray in front of fer full of fast food. She is stuffing pepperoni pizza in her mouth with her left hand while her right hand clutches a soda with a straw. There are French fries, a hot dog, a hamburger, and three more pieces of pizza on the tray in front of her. She wears a determined look on her face, as if she is feeding something other than just hunger.

An Overweight Woman Sweating As She Tries To Move Forward
Marching along, this overweight blonde haired male is sweating profusely as she walks. Her hands are closed in fists swinging at her sides as she marches on, a look of unhappy determination on her face. She is wearing a dark skirt and a shirt that is staring over her large belly.

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