Cooking Collection – Jenna Vector Cartoon Clipart


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A collection of nine high-quality vector illustrations of caucasian women cooking. The bundle includes the following cartoon clipart:

A Woman Frying Up An Egg For Breakfast
This blonde haired female clearly loves cooking. She is one of those perky morning people as she is frying up eggs, a traditional breakfast food. She is wearing blue shorts and a red t-shirt which is protected by a white chef’s apron. She holds a frying pan in her left hand and is flipping a perfectly fried egg while her right hand holds a spatula aloft. She has a big smile on her face, she is clearly having fun.

A Woman Holding A Frying Pan Full Of Flames
Even though the frying pan she holds in front of her is full of flames, this blonde haired cook does not seem perturbed at all, in fact, she seems to be gleeful and really enjoying herself. Her dish must be some sort of delicious flambé! The white female cook is wearing blue shorts and a red tshirt. Her clothes are protected by a traditional white apron. Her stance is that of someone performing a show, feet wide part, frying pan aloft in front of her, alive with flames in her left hand while her right arm is stretched behind her in dramatic pose meant to excite and engage.

A Woman Grilling Some Delicious Hot Dogs
Get ready to eat because this smiling female cook is standing at the ready by a round, red grill, tongs held aloft in her right hand ready to pluck those tasty looking hot dogs right off the grill. Get your buns ready! Wearing blue shorts and a red t-shirt, this blonde haired female means business! Her sleeves are rolled up and she is wearing a white apron to protect her from any splatters.

A Woman Mixing Something Together In A Bowl
We are not sure what this blonde haired cook is making but we want some! With a focused expression on her face, the woman is standing behind a counter, mixing bowl in hand with a hand-held beater, busily mixing something together in the silver bowl. A brown paper bag sits to her right on the counter while a four eggs stand at the ready to her left. The chef is wearing a white apron under which one can barely see a red tshirt.

A White Female Making Spaghetti
It must be pasta night and from the happy expression on this cook’s face, she is as excited as we are! The blonde haired female is standing behind a counter, a fistful of uncooked spaghetti noodles in her right hand that she is getting ready to add the already boiling pot of water on the stove in front of her. She is wearing a red t-shirt and a white apron on top of it.

A Blonde Female Cook Making Cookies
This woman is baking cookies and has just taken them out of the oven. She is wearing dark-red oven mitts to protect her hands and a white apron to protect her clothes. The oven door is open and she has just taken the pan out. You can see the golden brown treats lined up on the tray she is holding. The woman has blonde hair, a big smile on her face and is wearing a red tee and blue shorts.

A Woman Cooking With Vegetables
Something good is going on the stove! A blonde haired woman with a chef’s apron is tossing vegetables in the air; an eggplant, an onion, a head of broccoli, and a tomato are all in an arc over her head, her hands are up to catch and toss them. There is a large, steaming pot on the stove in front of her with a ladle or spoon for stirring. The woman is standing behind a kitchen counter, wearing a red t-shirt. She has a smile on her face and is clearly enjoying herself.

A Woman Wielding A Rolling Pin, Baking
It must be baking day from the looks of things! A blonde haired woman, dressed in a white shirt, blue sweater, and apron has her left arm raised above her head, wielding a rolling pin while her right hand is busy smoothing some sort of dough. Perhaps she is making pizza, bread or a cake. She stands behind a kitchen counter and there is a paper bag to her left on the countertop. The woman is smiling and looks engaged in her baking project.

A Female Cook Preparing A Turkey For The Oven
That is one large turkey the blonde haired woman is getting ready to prepare! The turkey is on the counter, resting in a shallow pan while the smiling cook is pointing to it with her right hand, left hand resting on top of the bird. The turkey is quite pink so it looks as if the woman is getting ready to prepare it for the oven. The white female cook is wearing a red t-shirt and a white apron as she stands behind the counter.