Eating & Drinking Collection – Jenna Vector Cartoon Clipart


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A collection of nine high-quality vector illustrations of caucasian women eating various foods. The bundle includes the following cartoon clipart:

A Woman Eating Noodles
The blonde haired female in this image must be really hungry or maybe she had a few friends over to eat as she is surrounded by empty containers of instant noodles. The containers, all have the lids peeled back and appear to be empty, except for one, which the woman holds in her left hand while her right hand is wielding chopsticks. She is eyeing the cup of noodles and is ready to dive in with her chopsticks. She is wearing a red, short-sleeve shirt.

A Woman Enjoying A Tasty Dish
This woman is seated before a plate of delicious food and a glass of water. She holds a knife in her left hand while her right holds a fork, ready to take a bite. The plate is white and there are several tasty looking items on it including a sausage. The blonde haired female is smiling and appears to be enjoying her food.

A Woman Eating A Salad
We cannot tell if this blonde haired woman is enjoying her food or not. She appears to be tasting and really considering the flavor, the expression on her face is one of concentration with her eyes aimed skyward. She holds a white plate with a salad consisting of lettuce and tomatoes in her left hand. Her right hand holds a fork midway to her mouth so she has most likely just taken a bite. She is wearing a short sleeved bright, light blue shirt.

A Woman Eating An Apple While Reading
Eating while reading, multitasking at its finest! A blonde haired female standing behind a table or counter top, holding a magazine or manuscript in her left hand, clearly reading as she eats an apple that she is holding about chest level in her right hand. There is more fruit, a melon, bananas, and another apple, on the counter in front of him. She is wearing a short sleeved, bright, light blue t-shirt.

A Woman Preparing A Healthy Smoothie
A young woman that looks to be making a very healthy smoothie for herself. There is a blender on the counter in front of her, full of a bright green liquid. The blonde haired woman’s left arm is resting on the blender top while her right arm is held in a loose fist at her midsection. There is an abundance of fruit and vegetables such as cucumbers, lettuce, apples, and bananas on the counter in front of him. The woman is wearing a short-sleeved, bright, light blue t-shirt. The blender has a blue base, blue handle, and a blue lid. She is looking at the blender in anticipation of her delicious smoothie.

A Woman Drinking A Cola Drink
Uh-oh, this gal is doing something really nasty! She is drinking straight from a large bottle of cola! She has blonde hair, her right hand is on her hip and she is holding the bottle of cola to her mouth to chug away. The label on the bottle is red and she is wearing a short sleeved, bright, light blue t-shirt.

A Woman Drinking Alcohol
We are not sure what this woman has been drinking but we can tell for certain it doesn’t agree with her. She has a pained look on her face as if she has had too much of the reddish liquid from the bottle on the table. She is seated behind a table or counter, arms resting on the table in front of her. In her left hand she holds a glass that is almost half full but from the way she is eyeing the bottle at her right elbow, she doesn’t look as if she wants anymore to drink. The label on the bottle has no writing on it. The woman has blonde hair and is wearing a short sleeved red t-shirt.

A Woman Eating A Submarine-Style Sandwich
The woman in this image is eating a large, submarine style sandwich. Both hands are needed to hold the long sandwich up to her open mouth. She has blonde hair and is wearing a short sleeved, red t-shirt which is stretched over her large mid-section. It appears as if this is not her first huge sandwich!

A Woman Surrounded By Snacks And Sodas
This woman is wearing a short sleeved bright, light blue shirt and is surrounded by all sorts of snack food. In her left hand she holds some popcorn and from the way she is eyeing it, it is almost certainly going into her mouth. An assortment of snack food and soda drinks surrounds the blonde haired woman, almost obscuring her.

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