Business Collection #1 – Emily Vector Cartoon Clipart


Included File Formats: Vector PDF, EPS and 2000px PNG formats. Compatible with all popular graphics and video applications.

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A collection of nine vector images of a female professional in various business themed poses. The bundle includes the following cartoon clipart:

A Businesswoman Smoking a Cigarette With Her Hand In Pocket
Royalty-free stock illustration of a wide-eyed businesswoman puffing a cigarette. She works hard and does everything asked of her, but this sassy blonde loves those precious few moments she gets to herself. Wearing a white shirt with a black tie and black pants, she is standing with one hand in her pocket. Her small white pearl earrings indicate that this strong lady also has a touch of style and class.

A Businesswoman Wearing Headsets Giving The Thumbs Up Signal
Royalty-free stock illustration of smiling businesswoman on headsets signaling victory with a thumbs-up sign. She’s having a great moment and trying to remain professional on the phone while letting her colleagues know she got the big deal!

A Businesswoman At Her Desk Wearing A Headset
Royalty-free stock illustration of a competent businesswoman enjoying a cup of coffee while juggling her daily tasks. She can handle it all and keep a smile on her face while doing it! She is wearing headsets and has one hand on her computer mouse while her smartphone sits nearby. Her professional attire includes a white shirt and black tie.

A Businesswoman With Her Feet Up On Her Desk Reading A Newspaper
Royalty-free stock illustration of a businesswoman taking a moment to read the newspaper while kicking her feet up on the desk and sitting on a purple chair. She’s competent with a touch of sass and, as usual, has arrived to work early so that she can get ready for the day!

A Businesswoman Juggling A Stack of Papers As It Begins To Tumble
Royalty-free stock illustration of a businesswoman juggling a tall stack of papers that is beginning to tumble. Wearing a white shirt and black tie, her expression combines both surprise and concern. Can she keep the stack from slipping out of her hands?

A Woman With A Rolling Travel Bag And Briefcase
Royalty-free stock illustration of a woman pulling a rolling travel bag with one hand and carrying a briefcase in the other. Her mouth is wide open and the corners are turned up to look like she is greeting someone she’s happy to see!

A Woman At Crossroad Arrow Signs Trying To Decide Which Way To Go
Royalty-free stock illustration of a woman at a crossroads, unsure of which direction to go. Normally a shining example of confidence, she’s now scratching her head with indecision while her facial expression shows uncertainty and a slight lack of confidence.

A Woman Holding A Megaphone And Wearing A Hard Hat
Royalty-free stock illustration of a woman with megaphone wearing a hard hat and holding up instructions while making an announcement. And she can do it all with a smile while remaining pleasant and professional!

A Businesswoman Standing With Folded Arms
Royalty-free stock illustration of a businesswoman standing with folded arms and a smile on her face. Her smile says she’s pleased and quite proud of you!

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