Money Collection – Harvey Vector Cartoon Clipart


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A collection of nine vector images of a very rich man in business attire. The bundle includes the following:

A Successful Businessman Dropping Money Into A Piggy Bank
Royalty-free vector illustration of a successful businessman dropping money in to a piggy bank while giving the thumbs up sign. He’s got a huge smile and looks like he’s proud of himself!

An Elated Businessman With A Wheelbarrow Full Of Gold
Royalty-free vector illustration of an elated businessman walking away with a wheelbarrow full of gold. He’s wearing a gigantic smile and there’s a mountain of gold in the background. Good job!

A Businessman Riding A Piggy Bank As If It Were A Horse
Royalty-free vector illustration of a businessman riding a life-size piggy bank as if it were a horse. He’s holding one arm up as he charges forward, tie blowing in the breeze.

A Victorious Businessman Standing In A Mountain Of Cash
Royalty-free vector illustration of a victorious businessman standing in a mountain of cash and throwing bills into the air. Looks like he just made a fortune!

A Grinning Businessman Holding Two Large Bags Of Money
Royalty-free vector illustration of a grinning businessman holding two large bags of money while standing up and smiling. Mr. Money Bags!

A Businessman Holding A Large Magnet That’s Attracting Money
Royalty-free vector illustration of a businessman holding a large magnet that’s attracting money. Dollar bills are flying towards him as he tries to keep his balance!

A Smug Businessman Sitting Amongst Piles of Cash Money
Royalty-free vector illustration of a smug-looking businessman sitting atop bags of money and amongst piles of cash and coin.

A Bragging Businessman Holding Up Cash In Both Of His Hands
Royalty-free vector illustration of a bragging businessman showing off his money by displaying a fan of cash bills in each hand. Better hold on tight!

A Businessman Standing Next To An Open Safe With Cash Falling Out
Royalty-free vector illustration of a protective businessman standing next to an open safe as cash piles overflow from it. His look says he’s a bit wary of you, so don’t try anything!

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