Angry Kids – Boys Collection Vector Cartoon Clipart


Included File Formats: Vector EPS, PDF, and 2000px PNG/JPG formats. Compatible with all popular graphics and video applications.

License: Commercial, editorial, personal use. Use in multiple end-products including items for resale. Learn more...

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A collection of nine high-quality vector illustrations of mad and angry little boys. The bundle includes the following clipart:

An Angry Little Boy Standing Up With His Fists Clenched
Royalty-free vector clipart of an angry little boy standing up with his fists clenched and steam rising around him.

A Boy With An Enraged Expression And Steam Clouds From His Ears
Royalty-free vector clipart of a a little boy with an enraged expression and steam clouds shooting out from his ears.

A Young Basketball Player Sitting On The Sideline Looking Angry
Royalty-free vector clipart of a young basketball player sitting on the sideline looking angry. His arms are crossed over his legs and basketball by his side.

A Little Boy Covering His Ears, Mouth Wide Open As If Yelling
Royalty-free vector clipart of vector clipart of a mad little boy standing up covering his ears. His mouth is wide open as he’s yelling.

A Naughty Boy Stomping On His Broken Tablet And Losing His Temper
Royalty-free vector clipart of an angry boy losing his temper and destroying a tablet.

A Furious Young Boy With His Hands On Hips Giving A Mean Look
Royalty-free vector clipart of a furious young boy with his hands on hips giving a mean look. His scowl says you better run!

An Angry Young Boy Pointing His Finger At Something And Scowling
Royalty-free vector clipart of an angry young boy pointing his finger at something and scowling. He’s leaning and looking to the side where he’s pointing.

An Upset Young Boy In A Baseball Cap With His Arms Crossed
Royalty-free vector clipart of a young boy in a baseball cap with his arms crossed, looking upset. He’s frowning as if pouting.

A Boy Sticking His Tongue Out Behaving Like A Poor Sport
Royalty-free vector clipart of a little boy with red hair sticking his tongue out behaving like a poor sport while holding a soccer ball.

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