Greek Olympian Gods Collection Vector Cartoon Clipart


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A collection of twelve high-quality vector illustrations of ancient Greek Olympian Gods in various poses. The bundle includes the following cartoon clipart:

Zeus The Father Of Olympian Gods
Royalty-free stock illustration of Zeus (Jupiter) the almighty, father of ancient Greek Olympian Gods. Depicted with long blonde hair and big blue eyes, holding a thunder.

Poseidon God Of The Sea
Royalty-free stock illustration of Poseidon (Neptune), god of the seas, storms, earthquakes, and protector of all waters. Depicted half-fish and half-man, wielding a trident.

Hermes The Messenger Of The Gods
Royalty-free stock illustration of Hermes (Mercury), a clever and cunning personality among the ancient Greek gods, often serving as their messenger. Depicted wearing a hat and sandals with wings.

Hera The Queen Of The Gods
Royalty-free stock illustration of Hera (Juno), the queen of the Olympian Gods. Hera was Zeus’ wife and a gracious protector of heroes with the exception of Hercules. Depicted holding a Sceptre.

Hephaestus The God Of Fire
Royalty-free stock illustration of Hephaestus, the ancient Greek god of fire, blacksmithing, metalworking, metallurgy, stone masonry. Hephaestus was the sone of Zeus and Hera – depicted forging a weapon.

Hestia Goddess Of Hearth
Royalty-free stock illustration of Hestia, the ancient Greek goddess of hearth and home. Hestia is a daughter of Cronus and Rhea.

Demeter Goddess Of The Harvest
Royalty-free stock illustration of Demeter (Ceres), the ancient Greek goddess of agriculture, fertility, harvest, nature, and the four seasons.

Apollo God Of Light
Royalty-free stock illustration of Apollon, the ancient Greek god of the sun, music, arts, poetry, truth, inspiration, and medicine. Depicted holding an harp.

Ares God Of War
Royalty-free stock illustration of Ares (Mars), the ancient Greek god of war and battle – the not-so-loved son of Zeus and Hera. Depicted crossing his arms over his chest in full armor.

Artemis Goddess Of The Hunt
Royalty-free stock illustration of Artemis, the ancient Greek goddess of wildlife and patroness of hunters. Depicted holding a bow and pulling its string.

Athena Goddess Of Wisdom And Knowledge
Royalty-free stock illustration of Athena, the ancient Greek goddess of literature, science, reason, defense, and warfare – the female counterpart to Ares. Also protector to the city of Athens (the Parthenon was built in her honor). Depicted holding a spear and an owl (the bird of wisdom).

Aphrodite Goddess Of Love And Beauty
Royalty-free stock illustration of Aphrodite (Venus), the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, procreation, fertility, passion, and desire.