Feeling Bored Collection – Robert Vector Cartoon Clipart


Included File Formats: Vector EPS, PDF, and 2000px PNG/JPG formats. Compatible with all popular graphics and video applications.

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A collection of nine high-quality vector illustrations of caucasian businessmen in various poses. The bundle includes the following cartoon clipart:

Formally Dressed Man Falling Asleep With Boredom
This gentleman is clearly bored. Even though he is wearing professional attire, a dark suit, white shirt, and red tie, he is sitting on a stool, head leaning heavily on his right hand. His right arm is propped on his knee to support his head while his left arm rests on his left thigh, hand hanging in a tired manner. He has blonde hair and his mouth is hanging open, eyes almost closed. This man is almost asleep with boredom!

A Man Bored At Work
Seated behind a small brown desk upon which sits a laptop and round container of pens and pencils, a blond haired male in a white shirt and red tie, eyes almost closed, tapping away wearily at his keyboard. He looks as if he is having trouble staying awake and focusing on his task that must be tedious from the looks of things!

A Man Amusingly Trying To Cope With Boredom
The man looks as if he has passed the point of bored to tears and has moved on to the point in which you try to amuse yourself from going crazy with boredom! His business attire, a dark suit, red tie, and white shirt, have now become part of a costume in order to entertain himself. His blonde hair is almost obscured by the red tie which he has placed, still tied, on his head, dangling down over his face, covering his mouth while his suit coat has been fashioned into a cape by throwing it over his shoulders and tying the sleeves around his neck. He is standing in a super hero pose, hands on hips, feet wide apart, but you can tell from his eyes he is weary and still struggling with boredom.

A Man Reading A Book On A City Bus
A blonde haired male, wearing a dark suit, is standing, left leg slightly bent and slightly in front of the right, reading from a red book, opened at chest level. His right hand and arm support the book while his left arm is bent and lifted above his head, grabbing onto a city bus plastic grab handle. His eyes are on his book yet you can tell from the weary expression around his eyes that he is struggling with boredom.

A Bored Man Not Knowing What To Do Next
What to do when you are bored? From the looks of things, the blond haired professional in a dark suit, white shirt, and red tie in this image doesn’t know either. He is sitting down, eyes almost closed with his hands clasped behind his head, legs out in front of him, slightly bent and crossed at the ankles. He does not look entirely comfortable but he is sure to fall asleep soon if someone doesn’t give him something to do!

An Almost Asleep Man Holding A Cup Of Hot Coffee
Maybe the cup of coffee the bored gentlemen is holding will wake him up. He stands with feet slightly apart, a look of weary resignation and boredom on his face while in his right hand he holds a mug of steaming hot coffee and his left hand is tucked into the pocket of his dark suit pants. His pants match the jacket he is wearing and are complemented nicely by his white shirt and red tie.

A Man Ignoring A Small Stack Of Paperwork
Side view of a blonde haired male that’s seated at a desk, presumably for work. He is wearing dark suit pants, a white shirt, and a red tie. His arms are crossed in front of him, resting heavily on the desk. His eyes stare straight ahead, ignoring the stack of papers to his right, pen held in his left hand. He sits slightly slumped forward, away from the back of his rolling desk chair.

A Guy Wearing A Funny Hat, Flying A Paper Plane
A person doesn’t get much more bored than this guy wearing a homemade paper hat and flying a paper airplane. The male in this picture is wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and red tie with a very bored expression on his face. His eyes are at half mast, he is almost asleep – he is so bored! Even the pose he is holding, left arm raised, poised to fire off that paper airplane, is languid with boredom, shoulders slumped and a downturned mouth.

A Businessman Focusing On His Smartphone, Feeling Bored
A pose we see often in the modern world, a business person entirely focused on their smartphone. The figure in this image is a blonde haired male wearing a dark suit, white shirt, and red tie. His eyes are centered on the smartphone he is holding with both hands yet the slumped shoulders, the look in his eyes and the downturned corners of his mouth signal that he is entirely bored. Whether he is bored with everything or just the information on his smartphone we can’t be sure but he is bored nonetheless!

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